The SEQuaderma range of dermocosmetic products employ the unique Sequessome Technology developed by Pro Bono Bio to safely provide real and long-lasting relief from the symptoms of a number of skin conditions.

The ingredients for each of the products in the range have been designed specifically for a particular condition and the Sequessomes themselves have been tuned to reach the different layers within the skin where those conditions are prevalent.

Our patent pending technology is incorporated into these products to ensure that the essential nutrients are delivered to where they are needed and not left behind on the surface of the skin.

These technologies enable the products of the SEQuaderma franchise to provide effective drug-free alternatives to the long-term maintenance of skin conditions, without the side effects that the continuous use of some skin medications (steroids, for example).

The technologies also provide real change, control and management of symptoms, unlike some cosmetic preparations that simply sit on the surface of the skin to cover up the underlying flaws.

The current SEQuaderma range includes treatments for:

  • Thinning, photodamaged, ageing skin
  • Rosacea and redness-prone skin
  • Acne-prone skin
  • Red itchy skin, as suffered by patients with eczema
  • Red scaly skin, as suffered by patients with seborrheoic dermatitis
  • Hyperpigmentation

A further product is in development for the treatment of sensitive under-eye skin.

The SEQuaderma range launched in the United Kingdom in 2015; we are looking for commercial partners to develop the market in the UK and the rest of Europe.