Our strategy is to:

  • Create innovative solutions to meet well-defined large unmet medical needs using its nano-lipid technology platforms;
  • Focus commercial activity in building up two multiproduct franchises treating:
    • Pain in Europe; working with marketing partners in the United States and Japan
    • Haemophilia globally
  • Develop all other opportunities to a value inflection point and/or proof of concept event that allows us to attract marketing (and development) companies to partner us and bring the products to market. Some areas can and should be partnered early in development as the partner’s inlicensing activities are at a research level, others later in development and some products are only inlicensed by marketeers when they have reached the market; and
  • Seek partnerships with large partner companies who have R&D molecules or marketed products (near patent expiry) that need improvement and where our nano-lipid technologies can help.

If you have an interest in our current programmes or applying our technology to your projects, contact us here.