Corporate Social Responsibility

Pro Bono Bio takes into account the social impact of its decisions and as a matter of policy will select socially useful activities and projects where Pro Bono Bio technology can really make a difference.

Examples of social projects include:

  1. Using the launch of FLEXISEQ in the UK with Lloyds Pharmacy and the charity Arthritis Research UK to raise around £400,000 for the latter in 2014
  2. Using the launch of SEQuaderma to promote the charity, the British Skin Foundation, with our #takeaseqondlook campaign to challenge the way people respond to the appearance of others. For more information please visit
  3. Sponsoring the National Carers Awards 2015.
  4. Sponsoring “Scotty’s Little Soldiers” rugby team. This is a UK charity dedicated to supporting bereaved British Forces children.
  5. Supporting African nations who send, typically older male, pilgrims to the Hajj by supplying free FLEXISEQ so that they could cope with the arduous pilgrimage without returning with damaged joints.

Pro Bono Bio will focus its social efforts in areas where its technology, expertise and products can make the maximum impact relative to the financial cost.