Directions for use of medicines available over-the-counter are ‘really just guidelines’

The AGA survey involved over 1,000 US adults and 251 doctors confirms the findings of Arthritis Research UK’s research [GI2]  in 2014, but suggests that the problem of taking too many medicines, especially over-the-counter products may be more widespread. In addition, the survey also found that 38% did not know that combining two or more non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (‘NSAIDs’ such as diclofenac and ibuprofen) or two or more paracetamol products increased the risk of serious health complications.

Michael Earl, COO of Pro Bono Bio commented: “These findings confirm what we found that many people with chronic pain either intentionally or inadvertently take painkillers potentially exposing them to risks. We saw a year ago that there is greater emphasis on safe use when the MHRA reclassified oral diclofenac as a prescription only product, and in the United States the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) strengthened warnings on all NSAIDs.”

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